Rivet Education Announces the Launch of RivetCONNECT

Connect with Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership for your professional learning needs through Rivet CONNECT

Online Platform Will Increase Educators’ Access to Curriculum-Based Professional Learning
Your connection to high-quality partners, talent, tools, and services.
Rivet Education is excited to announce the launch of RivetCONNECT, a digital platform connecting education leaders to high-quality partners, talent, tools, and services that ensure all educators have access to high-quality, curriculum-based professional learning. RivetCONNECT is the second product released by Rivet Education, following the launch of the Professional Learning Partner Guide in August 2020.

The goal of RivetCONNECT is to reduce three primary barriers preventing state and local leaders from providing educators with access to curriculum-based professional learning.

RivetCONNECT consists of a suite of membership-based portals.
The first portal, ServiceCONNECT, launched today. SkillsCONNECT and TalentCONNECT will launch in 2023. View our info.
Rivet Education | 12181 Indigo Drive, St. Francisville, LA 70775

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