OpenSciEd Middle School Network – MMSLN supported

Calling all OpenSciEd Middle School Teachers

The MMSLN announces the launch of a virtual OpenSciEd Network for Middle School OpenSciEd teachers! Starting October 11, 2021 each monthly 90 minute meeting will include whole group topic discussion and a grade level implementation discussion. We expect to have many teachers in the virtual room so we can support the implementation of OpenSciEd.

Please share this information with any teachers and districts using middle school OpenSciEd.

This VIRTUAL Network is open to all teachers and administrators and is supported by the Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership Network. The MMSLN is a certified PL provider for OpenSciEd and is listed in the PLPG!

There are several ways to register for these sessions: per teacher, per event or for the whole series! Check out all the ticket options. For additional options, please reach out.


Mary Starr, PhD
Executive Director
Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership Network

NGSX MI Lead Facilitator Certified by MMSLN
OpenSciEd Certified Facilitator

MMSLN partners with Illustrative Mathematics and OpenSciEd – bringing OER to Michigan

Twitter: @starrscience

IM Math Teachers: get the instructional support you need

Michigan Math and Science Leadership Network is happy to announce our fall line-up of professional learning certified by Illustrative Mathematics. Whether you’re teaching with IM K-5 Math or IM 6-12 Math, we’ve got you covered.

K-5 Planning with a Focus on Pedagogy; K-2 and 3-5
September 29 or 30, 2021
4-6 PM ET
How can focusing on pedagogical decisions in our planning support the focus and pacing of lessons? In this session, you will plan for an upcoming section in your unit. You will understand the overarching learning goals of the section to create a plan for pacing of the lessons. You will also learn a replicable process for planning and adjusting components of a lesson to support students’ understanding of the mathematical ideas.

6-12 Virtual Unit Overviews; 6-8 and 9-12
Monthly starting on September 21 or 22, 2021
2 hours during the school day

Collaborate with an IM certified facilitator on an effective unit and lesson planning structure that focuses on the progression of understanding across the unit. Dive into one or two illustrative lessons in the upcoming unit, doing and discussing the math together, anticipating student thinking, and experiencing how the activity and lesson syntheses bring out the big ideas and connect to the goals of the lesson. Talk through how the concepts in a unit build on each other and connect to past and future work, dig into the mathematics of key lessons, and understand the big ideas that focus learning goals, key concepts, and important connections. Plan your lessons more efficiently and keep on pace, as you understand where different skills and concepts fit into the big picture of the unit.

MMSLN is a proud, certified member of the Professional Learning Partner Guide. Find out more about how organizations make it into the Guide and why we’re so happy to be included.

MI Sci PLN Again! Join your statewide science leadership group!

Science consultant / leader friends!

We are looking forward to seeing you at our first MI Sci PLN meeting. It will be held via Zoom on October 29 from 9am-3pm (click the link for Free registration). This meeting will feature an update of the science M-STEP as well as a continuation of the great work we began last year. If you weren’t with us last year, that’s okay we will catch you up! In the process, you meet an amazing community of supportive and very cool people that will help you do your job better. Trust me!

2021-22 SAVE-the-DATES:

All meetings will be from 9am – 3pm virtually except for the May meeting when we hope to meet in person for more shenanigans!

· October 29, 2021

· January 25, 2022 (virtual)

· March 16, 2022 (virtual)

· May 20, 2022 (In person w/ virtual option)

Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education -conference

Environmental Education Conference

Held at Eastern Michigan University, October 1-3rd

Mark your calendar. Register to become stronger with others at your side. Three days of new instructional, K-12+ hands-on and outdoor professional growth.

Funding is available from the Michigan Space Grant Consortium for any science or math teacher up to $400 with a simple application.

Contact: Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education for registration and details.

Learning In Places and MMSLN Partnership for Professional Learning

Science learning in our communities, sometimes called place-based learning, is critical to equitable science (and social studies, etc.) education.

The MMSLN is thrilled to partner with Learning in Places to bring a Learning in Places extended professional learning opportunity to teams of Michigan educators!

We are recruiting science educators, along with their ELA, social studies, and/or math colleagues, to create a team of educators to learn more about Learning in Places, bringing community-based, field-based, science learning experiences to all students, through this professional learning series. Your team can be 2-6 people. The right number defined by the goals you have for this work.

We are collaborating with several other states, too, so beyond learning with the Michigan teams and the Learning in Places developers, your educator team will be able to learn with educators from other states. In this way Michigan becomes part of a national Learning in Places network!

The MMSLN will also be having Michigan-focused sharing opportunities to collaborate on how Learning in Places can be grown throughout our state through a MMSLN supported Learning in Places community! These will be held 4-5:30 on October 28, January 28, April 26, and June 16.

If you know educators, in classrooms or support roles for PK-12, who would be interested in this professional learning opportunity please share this flyer with them. If they have questions encourage them to reach out.

Learning in Places: We co-design innovative research and practice with educators, families, and community partners that cultivates equitable, culturally based, socio-ecological systems learning and sustainable decision-making utilizing “field based” science education in outdoor places, including gardens, for children in Kindergarten to 3rd grade and their families.

2021-22 framework flyer-MI-5 (dragged).pdf

If your region or schools near you are not ready for the Learning in Places professional learning series, the MMSLN will be running a half-day, Learning in Places introductory session in October! Watch for more information.


Mary Starr, PhD
Executive Director
Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership Network

NGSX MI Lead Facilitator Certified by MMSLN
OpenSciEd Certified Facilitator

MMSLN partners with Illustrative Mathematics and OpenSciEd – bringing OER to Michigan

Twitter: @starrscience

MMSLN Open Ed Resource (OER) Updates

Good morning and welcome to September!

For the past three years, MMSLN has supported the OpenSciEd Middle School Field Test. We are so happy that the units have continued to be released, on time, even during the pandemic! We had 25 Michigan MS teachers in our field test group who worked through the draft materials, provided feedback on the students’ learning, and then have worked with the released units, too. Several field test schools have adopted OpenSciEd as their curriculum materials. The MMSLN thanks all of them for their help in making these instructional materials as good as they are!

MMSLN will continue to support Open Ed Resources in mathematics and science! OpenSciEd MS and Illustrative Math are included in our work. If you know a district that is interested in high-quality PL around these products, we would love to help them. As the recent Carnegie report suggests – high-quality materials are necessary and that goes hand in hand with sustained excellent professional learning with those materials!

MMSLN Updates

1. We are adding many Illustrative Math virtual professional learning workshops starting soon. Registrations are already open. Check out the events page on the MMSLN website for more info. Please share these opportunities with anyone in your region using Illustrative Math. We are thrilled to be a rated PLPG provider of professional learning for high-quality instructional materials!

2. We are announcing some OpenSciEd MS PLC times this school year. These are for ANY OpenSciEd MS teacher!!! So please share this information with anyone on your staff that you know is going to implement OpenSciEd this school year. The dates and registration information is listed on the events page of the MMSLN website. We are thrilled to be a rated PLPG provider of professional learning for high-quality instructional materials!

3. We are building our OpenSciEd MS Teacher Network – If you know teachers who would like to receive OpenSciEd Updates from MMSLN – please have them add their contact information to this form: ALSO – please forward this link to anyone in your building or district who is new to OpenSciEd and would like to be included. We will be sending out updates and support as well as invitations to the PLC meetings. We expect to create a strong inter-state collaborative of OpenSciEd teachers.

4. Separate from the Michigan-supported middle school science opportunities – Bill Penuel’s group in Colorado is designing some exit ticket PL that you might be interested in. This is for teachers of OpenSciEd AND Amplify materials at the Middle School level! The information is linked below (the form still works even though it says yesterday was the deadline!) Exit tickets provide a rich form of formative assessment and SEET is a great tool. Please share this opportunity with teachers of OpenSciEd or Amplify in your region.

5. MMSLN is creating a full calendar of great PL for teachers and leaders this school year. We will continue to send information about the PL in our emails and through the MMSLN newsletter which comes out EVERY TUESDAY MORNING. We kick off the offerings next week with our Story Map workshop. There are limited seats but there is still time to register! This is a two day workshop – Sept. 8 and 15 from 9-12!

Stay Safe!


MMSLN EventsFall21-2.pdf


Mary Starr, PhD
Executive Director
Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership Network

NGSX MI Lead Facilitator Certified by MMSLN
OpenSciEd Certified Facilitator

MMSLN partners with Illustrative Mathematics and OpenSciEd – bringing OER to Michigan

Twitter: @starrscience

StoryMaps in the Elementary Classroom

Good Morning

If you or your districts are thinking about place-based, community-based education, StoryMaps are a great tool to add to your tool belt. The workshop (two-half days) will provide an introduction to StoryMaps. You will create a StoryMap and learn about multiple uses in elementary classrooms.

Join our partners from the GRACE Project at Eastern Michigan University, Al Lewandowski and Allison Hoff, for this virtual learning experience!

The cost is $125 which includes both half-days. ArcGIS StoryMaps can be accessed for free and we will help you figure out who in your region might already have a subscription for additional access.

Let me know what questions you have!


MMSLN EventsFall21.pdf

MMSLN Upcoming Events!

REGISTER TODAY!!! Remaining spaces very limited!
Sep 8th and 15th

StoryMaps in Elementary Science!

September 8, 2021, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Join us to learn from Allison Hoff and Al Lewandowski, both ESRI and ArcGIS expert facilitators to learn more about Story mapping and its use in elementary science education. You will learn to create story maps and use them with teachers in elementary contexts!

6 hour workshop – BOTH SEPTEMBER 8 AND 15 – 9a.m.-12 p.m.


Nov 17th

MAC Reads – Formative Assessment Book Study for Math and Science Educators

November 17, 2021, 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm
Join Math and Science Educators to discuss formative assessment using the book Formative Assessment in the Disciplines: Framing a ContinuumThe Michigan Assessment Consortium is organizing a multi-disciplinary Book Study. More information can be found here: are two ways to participate! Buy your book and then register for the MAC webinars ($25) …

National Tool Partners Educators with Professional Learning Experts to Support School Districts Across the Country

BATON ROUGE, La — Rivet Education announced today the addition of eight new professional learning organizations to the national Professional Learning Partner Guide (PLPG), bringing the total number of providers featured in the guide to 37. Akin to EdReports’ reviews of high-quality instructional materials, the PLPG is a list of organizations that provide the best curriculum-aligned professional learning services in the country.

“Research shows that when teachers have great materials and high-quality professional learning aligned to those materials, student achievement increases and classroom inequity is reduced,” said Alexa Obregon, manager of the PLPG. “Rivet Education also recognizes that providing teachers with curriculum-aligned professional learning and finding vendors who are qualified to provide this support can be hard work; we launched the PLPG to help take this burden off of school systems.”

In addition to the eight new providers, six existing providers added new services to their profile. Overall, the collective group provides professional learning services aligned to nearly 80 percent of the curriculum rated “green” on EdReports across all 50 states.

New Providers Existing Providers Adding a New Phase
  • ● Carnegie Learning
  • ● Illustrative Mathematics
  • ● Lawrence Hall of Science
  • ● Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin
  • ● The Math Learning Center
  • ● WestEd’s K-12 Alliance
  • ● Wisconsin Cooperative Education Support

    Agency 2

  • ● Wisconsin Cooperative Education Support

    Agency 7

  • ● Blue Engine
  • ● Charles A. Dana Center, University of Texas
  • ● BSCS Science Learning
  • ● Leading Educators
  • ● Michigan Mathematics and Science

    Leadership Network

  • ● Pivot Learning

Rivet Education leverages its expertise in curriculum-aligned professional learning to conduct a rigorous evaluation of all organizations featured in the PLPG. Through a three-step process, reviewers evaluate providers’ professional learning materials against a set of criteria to assess if an organization provides significant evidence of high-quality, curriculum-aligned professional learning services in one of four phases: adoption, launch, ongoing support for teachers, or ongoing support for leaders.#####

If you are looking for Professional Learning experiences in Illustrative Mathematics or OpenSciEd – reach out to us! We can create a PL plan that meets the needs of your district, using these open education resources! MMSLN is a certified provider of professional learning for these high-quality instructional materials!