Michigan Place Based Education Conference next week

The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative’s Place Based Education Conference is next week. With 80+ presentations; attendees registered from 15 states and four countries, including the leader of place-based education in Japan; and a full pre-conference day of immersion experiences in Flint area. It’s going to be a good event. Place-based education is becoming a more sought-after instructional strategy that maps well onto adopted standards.

2019 PBE Conference Flyer – For Distribution.pdf


Join us for the upcoming MI Sci PLN meeting Friday, October 18 from 8:30am-3:30pm. This meeting will be held at Gratiot-Isabella RESD, Winding Brook Conference Center, 8240 S. Genuine Rd., Shepherd, MI 48883. As always it is open to all members of the science education community. Virtual connections will be available (although it’s always better to see you face-to-face). If you are planning to attend, please register (linked) so we have accurate accounting for lunch.

We have a great agenda planned for you based on the questions YOU wanted to explore. In addition, we will have updates from all of the contributing partner organizations and time for networking with colleagues.

Meet the new MI Sci PLN Leadership Team!

Meet the new MI Sci PLN Leadership Team! The MI Sci Leadership Team is an awesome group of science consultants, assembled from across the state, and representing a wide range of organizations and experiences. They are working hard to make sure your meetings educate and inform your needs.

James Emmerling MI Sci PLN Logistics Director

James Emmerling

MI Sci PLN Logistics Director

Oakland Schools Science Education Consultant

MMSLN Marketing Chair and Board of Directors

NGSX Facilitator

Two truths – one myth:

1. His wife says his head is as full as the beaker he is contemplating

2. Wishes he could kiteboard like Mike Gallagher

3. Worked as an educational advisor to Betsy DeVos (taught her everything she knows)

Linnea Gibson MI Sci PLN Technology Engagement Co-Facilitator

Linnea Gibson

MI Sci PLN Technology Engagement Co-Facilitator

Northern Michigan Learning Consortium K-12 Science Consultant

(supporting 7 ISDs in northern lower Michigan)

MMSLN-NGSX Project PLUES Leadership Team

Mi-STAR Professional Learning Facilitator

Engineering is Elementary Facilitator

Two truths – one myth:

1. When she’s not hiding in grapes, she’s drinking them

2. She’s crafty – including a cake decorating instructor

3. She loves the outdoor “Northern life”

Nancy Karre MI Sci PLN Organizational Assembly Manager

Nancy Karre

MI Sci PLN Organizational Assembly Manager

Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center Outreach Science Consultant

Cereal City Science Curriculum Development Director

Equity in STEM Facilitator

Reading and Writing in the Content, K-6, Columbia University

Two truths – one myth:

1. Single handedly stacked these rocks

2. Mountain sports enthusiast

3. Loves to bake