Learning in Places – Year 2

Please share this with districts you work with. Teachers will receive stipends. There are also travel funds for joining us at the Summer Summit in July

Learning in Places is a project funded by the National Science Foundation and is a 4-state collaboration between researchers at Northwestern University and University of Washington Bothell, education and community leaders, and educators in Washington, Michigan, Louisiana, and Illinois. We are designing, implementing, and studying a model of field-based science education for PreK-5 students that centers equity and families’ cultural ways of knowing, is NGSS aligned, asks “should-we” questions (what should we do?) , or questions that involve ethical deliberation and decision-making, and integrates literacy and civics/social studies learning. We aim to expand students’ understanding of nature-culture relations – that is, relations between human worlds and the natural worlds – towards just, sustainable, and culturally thriving forms of life by cultivating ethical decision-making, communal adaptations, and leadership. We are looking for cohorts of PreK-5 teachers and educators to join us in this exciting project!

Project 1-pager 2023.pdf

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