REGISTER: MI Sci PLN 03.15.2023

Science consultant / leader friends, YOU ARE AWESOME!

Has anyone told you that you’re awesome today? Well, you are! I know what you’re thinking, you don’t know me. Maybe I do. Take a minute to think about why you do what you do…(I’m waiting)…Anybody that gives of themselves to improve the lives of others IS AWESOME and if you’re part of this community, then this is who you are. So yeah, I know you.

The MI Sci PLN planning team is looking forward to surrounding ourselves with awesome people like you at our upcoming meeting on March 15, 2023. Let us know you can make it by registering here. Awesome people get in free! (If you aren’t one of them, this meeting is probably not for you, sorry).

Not only will this meeting feature time with friends to share and support one another, but we will also throw in presentations and conversations around…

  • Working toward implementation
  • Organizational strategies to support teacher growth and district implementation.
  • New twists and turns in our community elementary advocacy efforts – Launching a Movement!
  • Crowd sourcing ideas for new teacher support.
  • Updates from our state and national friends.

…And that’s all before lunch.

After lunch we will share our thoughts and ideas we’re working on in a Sharing is Caring session. This is an opportunity to gain feedback from colleagues and to make connections to the wonderful things happening in all parts of the state.

You get all this, the meeting, the supportive friends, the learning to improve your work, and the opportunity to share your ideas, ALL FOR FREE! You just have to act now, by clicking this registration link.

2021-22 SAVE-the-DATES:

All meetings will be from 9am – 3pm virtually.

What is s MI Sci PLN you ask?

MI Sci PLN is a learning community for PK-20 science education professionals whose responsibilities may include leading implementation efforts, delivering teacher professional learning programs, curriculum and assessment design, and pre-service teacher preparation for the purpose of enhancing communication, encouraging cooperation, and inspiring collaboration. Community members meet to share their work, learn about exciting efforts around the state, and hear important updates (ex., MI Sci PLN Agenda & MI Sci PLN Updates, November 2, 2022). It is led by representatives of groups committed to science education from across the state, including, MDE, MiSTEM, MMSLN, MSELA, MSTA, ISD/RESAs, universities, and independent consultants, each with connections to national science education leadership to ensure the entire community shares a vision for science education, is well informed, connected, and is prepared to lead efforts in their area of influence.

In essence, it’s an amazing community of supportive and very cool people that will help you do your job better. Trust me!

See you soon!


James Emmerling

Science Education Consultant

District and School Services, Oakland Schools

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