📣 MMSLN Upcoming Events: Illustrative Math professional learning

Michigan Mathematics & Science Leadership Network

Upcoming Events

IM Math™ Teacher Learning N0eLksiVmNQ8UvzZ2LWavuMrIw15yniGSTOmvwx_sqkw9ld7pZw4ogkZPkvM9PhJpGzqzGR-XUKO89PbI2eizYgag4ZOYdw47flMHnOY0vkLgEiWzZ7lianipqx6Ijz19u7vMiq9aSNb3bRqPogFkDY

Are you interested in piloting IM Math? Or, just want to learn more about it? This session provides a preview of the design features of the curriculum with a focus on teaching and learning in problem-based classrooms.
IM Math™ Curriculum Preview

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Have you experienced Teach and Learn and looking for ways to enhance your teaching and learning in your problem-based classroom? You won’t want to miss MMSLN’s virtual upcoming opportunities for teachers and math leaders.
IM Math™ Eliciting Student Thinking with Instructional Routines
IM Math™ Valuing Student Thinking

IM Math™ Instructional Leadership
Are you an instructional leader supporting IM 6-12 Math™ implementation? You won’t want to miss MMSLN’s opportunities for administrators, coaches and leaders.
IM Math™ Curriculum Overview for School Leaders
IM Math™ Leading IM Implementation

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👀 Be on the lookout for more information about our upcoming PL opportunities.

If your school or district is looking for district-specific IM-certified professional learning, please check out other opportunities MMSLN has to offer. We can bring the same great PL to your district’s doorstep.


MMSLN is a proud member of The Professional Learning Partner Guide (PLPG). PLPG is a list of organizations that provide the best curriculum-aligned professional learning services in the country. Partners have the expertise to support the adoption and implementation of high-quality instructional materials (HQIM).

PL organizations must pass three gateways to qualify to be profiled in the PLPG. Specifically, PL services must demonstrate expertise in and explicit connection to HQIM (Gateway 1), quality design and approach (Gateway 2), and a clear process for measuring results and using data to drive improvement (Gateway 3). Learn more at the PL Partner Guide online.

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