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Are you an instructional leader supporting teachers and students using IM 6-12 Math™? You won’t want to miss MMSLN’s opportunities for administrators, coaches and leaders coming up this Winter 2023.

If your school or district is looking for district-specific IM-certified professional learning, please check out other opportunities MMSLN has to offer. We can bring the same great PL to your district’s doorstep.

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Problem-Based Teaching and LearningThis 8-part series was designed to provide coaches with a deeper understanding of the structures and beliefs along with the core components and practices embedded in the IM 6–12 Math™ curriculum, supplemental materials, and professional learning for teachers.

This session is ideal for coaches and math leaders who have experience working directly with teachers implementing IM 6–12 Math™ . It will be most useful after several months of implementation.

Curriculum Overview
What are the key features of IM 6–12 Math and where do we focus as we implement a new curriculum? In this session, school leaders will learn about the important components of a problem-based curriculum, the design structure of IM Math, and key ideas from Teach & Learn.

Though it can be helpful during the first year of implementation, this session is ideal prior to implementation so that school leaders can plan for what is to come.

Leading IM Implementation
How can instructional leaders play a role in facilitating ambitious and equitable mathematics instruction? The purpose of this session is to examine the key role of instructional leaders in establishing and supporting the conditions necessary for successful implementation of the IM curriculum. The session builds on instructional leaders’ understanding of the problem-based lesson structure and IM’s approach to access and challenge, developed in the Curriculum Overview for School Leaders.

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