MSELA/NSELA Opportunity!

The Michigan Science Education Leadership Association (MSELA) is reaching out to all Michigan science education leaders and NSELA past and present members to announce our official dual affiliation with NSELA!

We are looking to assist you in maximizing your impact in your science communities. By engaging in MSELA and NSELA, you have the opportunity to engage in

  • high quality professional development,
  • a collegial network,
  • access to research and resources, and
  • a voice for leaders in science education.

As a member, you will have opportunities to:

  • promote the advancement and development of science education in Michigan.
  • network with other science education professionals.
  • stay informed on current issues and trends in education.
  • increase your awareness of professional development, grant and scholarship opportunities.
  • improve your science leadership skills.

Good news: If you are currently a member of NSELA, you are already a member of MSELA.

If you need to renew your NSELA membership, it is less costly to join both organizations than just NSELA, so be sure to use your Michigan discount. How do you do that? Keep reading…


The dual affiliate yearly membership costs $45. NSELA alone is a $60 value, so this is large savings for Michigan science leaders.

How to become a member:

Click on the link and put ‘Michigan’ in the discount code area.

Calendar of Events for 2022-23:

  • MSELA:
    • First event in collaboration with West MI Regional Science Collaborative: Earth Science Coffee Chat NEXT WEEK! Sign up HERE! Send it on to districts!
    • We will also be working with NextGenTime and EdReports this year to consider curricular resources, reviews, adoptions, and implementations.
    • We are working with MDE on connecting higher education providers in science education.
    • We will also be back at MSTA with a networking event and some kind of strand or PL on Friday.

We are looking forward to seeing you again. Please pass this onto others who might be interested! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Wendi Vogel

MSELA President

NSELA Region B Director

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