OpenSciEd Middle School PL Options

Good Day!

Attached are two flyers for OpenSciEd MIDDLE SCHOOL Professional Learning for next school year. We know that a lot of schools are checking out the options still and are excited to support schools and teachers in learning more about OpenSciEd.

First is a full description of all the OpenSciEd Middle School professional learning MMSLN is offering in 2022-2023 that aligns with the high-quality professional learning offered by OpenSciEd.

We are also announcing our OpenSciEd Leadership Academy and Lesson Study partnership with the K-12 Alliance in California. They will offer these forms of PL for OpenSciEd!

In our collaboration with the K-12 Alliance we will be supporting two different times for the Middle School PLC Network so check out this flyer too.

If you have schools that are interested in OpenSciEd professional learning please send them to us so we can make sure they have high quality experiences.

MIDDLE SCHOOL OPENSCIED 22-23 PL optionfinals.pdf

OpenSciEd PL Network Flyer.pdf

OpenSciEd Professional Learning by K-12 Alliance and MMSLN.pdf


Mary Starr, PhD
Executive Director
Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership Network

NGSX MI Lead Facilitator Certified by MMSLN
OpenSciEd Certified Facilitator

MMSLN partners with Illustrative Mathematics and OpenSciEd – bringing OER to Michigan

Twitter: @starrscience

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