OpenSciEd Research Seed Grant!

The Michigan Math and Science Leadership Network (MMSLN) has received an OpenSciEd Research Agenda seed grant focused on assessing and grading students’ three-dimensional science classroom performances. Seed-grant work will include identifying strategies and resources that support goal-oriented professional communities and developing and piloting scoring rubrics and grading in ways that support students’ equitable science achievements.

MMSLN’s research-practice partnership will be engaging researchers, teachers and district and union leaders in Ann Arbor, Michigan – a group of stakeholders with diverse interests around issues of assessment and grading. Teachers, for example, value classroom assessment practices – including eliciting and responding to students’ ideas and lived experiences – while simultaneously needing to assign grades efficiently and in ways that reflect students’ efforts and proficiencies “fairly.” Administrators may value assessment data and grades for improving student outcomes, while teachers’ unions want to ensure data-use supports teacher growth and that teachers’ time with their colleagues is meaningful. 

2 thoughts on “OpenSciEd Research Seed Grant!

    1. This initial work is with Ann Arbor Public Schools and focuses on OpenSciEd in the middle school because they have adopted OpenSciEd. Feel free to reach out if you are interesting in bringing OpenSciEd to your middle school teachers. We have PL scheduled this summer! — Mary


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