Science Leaders: Sign Letter of Support for Secondary Teacher Prep Standards

Science Education Leaders,

As a member of the MI Sci PLN community, please consider adding your signature to  this letter as a statement by the community of Michigan science education leadership and professional organizations to articulate its broad support of the proposed Standards for the Preparation of Middle Grades and High School Science Teachers. We believe that beginning teachers who are prepared to enact high-quality science instruction will advance the profession and improve student learning to meet the vision of instruction called for in the Michigan Science Standards. We encourage the adoption of these standards because we are confident they will lead to positive outcomes for the preparation of preservice teachers of science and the students entrusted in their care.

If you choose to add your name/organization to this letter of support, please do so by Friday, December 17th. This will allow time to make final preparations to be shared with the State Board of Education by January 18th in advance of the February 8th meeting.

Thank you for your consideration.

Have a wonderful holiday break!


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