MISciPLN Might break the internet! Get registered right away for the 10.29 meeting to find out!

Science consultant / leader friends!  Rumor has it, MISciPLN Might Break the Internet!

...and it might not.  I guess you won’t really know unless you’re there.  Don’t miss out!  Only a few boxes remain on my Zoom screen for our first MISciPLN meeting of the year on October 29 from 9am-3pm. Normally these spots go for BIG BUCK$, but for you, my science consultant friends we are making this a one time offer for FREE!  You read that right, FREE!  Register now to take advantage of this amazing offer.

If you want to know what’s happening there, read the rest…

This meeting will feature an update of the science M-STEP as well as a continuation of the great work we began last year. If you weren’t with us last year, that’s okay we will catch you up! In the process, you will meet an amazing community of supportive and very cool people that will help you do your job better. Trust me!

2021-22 SAVE-the-DATES:

All meetings will be from 9am – 3pm virtually except for the May meeting when we hope to meet in person for more shenanigans!

· October 29, 2021

· January 25, 2022 (virtual)

· March 16, 2022 (virtual)

· May 20, 2022 (In person w/ virtual option)

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