IM Math Teachers: get the instructional support you need

Michigan Math and Science Leadership Network is happy to announce our fall line-up of professional learning certified by Illustrative Mathematics. Whether you’re teaching with IM K-5 Math or IM 6-12 Math, we’ve got you covered.

K-5 Planning with a Focus on Pedagogy; K-2 and 3-5
September 29 or 30, 2021
4-6 PM ET
How can focusing on pedagogical decisions in our planning support the focus and pacing of lessons? In this session, you will plan for an upcoming section in your unit. You will understand the overarching learning goals of the section to create a plan for pacing of the lessons. You will also learn a replicable process for planning and adjusting components of a lesson to support students’ understanding of the mathematical ideas.

6-12 Virtual Unit Overviews; 6-8 and 9-12
Monthly starting on September 21 or 22, 2021
2 hours during the school day

Collaborate with an IM certified facilitator on an effective unit and lesson planning structure that focuses on the progression of understanding across the unit. Dive into one or two illustrative lessons in the upcoming unit, doing and discussing the math together, anticipating student thinking, and experiencing how the activity and lesson syntheses bring out the big ideas and connect to the goals of the lesson. Talk through how the concepts in a unit build on each other and connect to past and future work, dig into the mathematics of key lessons, and understand the big ideas that focus learning goals, key concepts, and important connections. Plan your lessons more efficiently and keep on pace, as you understand where different skills and concepts fit into the big picture of the unit.

MMSLN is a proud, certified member of the Professional Learning Partner Guide. Find out more about how organizations make it into the Guide and why we’re so happy to be included.

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