Science safety and Follow up to Draft Standards Review

Thank so much to those of you who could attend the “Sharing is Caring” MISciPLN session on Wednesday to review the Draft Science Teacher Prep Standards for Middle Grades and High School!

I wanted to pass along the links below from Rachel (Thank YOU!) since several of you expressed interest in them. Also, I wanted to say thanks for the inspiration to clarify some things – since we met I added the information to the “foundations boxes” views that can be found in Appendix B: Standards with Foundations Boxes. I would love to hear if you have any feedback on whether including these helps to clarify any of the standards for you. Clarification or boundary statements would be yet to come at some point in the future, but hopefully this would still be of some help.

There is still time to review, if you haven’t been able to yet. Please consult earlier emails for links and directions. And again, thanks so much for all you do to support this work!

Take care,


Here is the information I mentioned at the standards review.

Required GHS Training – The Right to Understand | Flinn Scientific

Lab Safety Courses (

Have a good day.

Stay safe.

Rachel Badanowski

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