Please Review: Draft Science Teacher Preparation Standards

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in assisting with OEE projects in the area of science! Your feedback is vital in our work to ensure that all Michigan students have well-prepared science teachers!

I am writing today with an opportunity for you to review draft standards for the preparation of science teachers at the Middle Grades (grades 5-9) and High School (grades 7-12) levels. (See links to the documents below) Your feedback will be considered and potentially incorporated into future drafts of these standards. We expect review of these standards to take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending upon how deeply one reads and responds and all levels of feedback are appreciated. Our stakeholder team has been working on the development of these standards for more than a year and is eager to have feedback in the following areas:

  • Viability and Achievability: Are the standards viable to be implemented by teacher preparation programs and would they be achievable by teacher candidates?
  • Alignment: Are the standards aligned to the Michigan K-12 Science Standards and A Framework for K-12 Science Education?
  • Coherence: Are these standards internally coherent? Are they externally coherent with other MDE expectations and initiatives. That is, are they consistent in promoting a vision of teacher competencies, or do they contain contradictory elements?
  • Completeness: Do these standards represent a comprehensive portrait of essential knowledge and skills for well-prepared beginning science teachers? (NOTE: An additional category on engineering is planned for both grade bands)
  • Accuracy: Do the standards truly represent what well prepared beginners need to know and do?

Some background for better understanding these standards documents:

  1. These standards are for teacher preparation programs to follow in development of their programs to prepare future science teachers at the middle grades (5-9) and high school (7-12) grade bands. They will not impact current in-service teachers or K-12 science programs except in how they help to prepare future science teachers.
  2. These documents have been designed for the new grade band certification structure and follow a revised endorsement structure for the science disciplines. The endorsement structure is structured so that all future science teachers in these grade bands will need to earn a Science endorsement. They may add an optional disciplinary specialization endorsement in Biology, Earth/Space, or Physical Science for middle grades or Biology, Earth/Space, Chemistry or Physics for high school science teachers. All the standards for these endorsements (both the broad Science endorsement for all science teachers, and the disciplinary specialization endorsements are contained in these two documents by grade band.
  3. The documents have hyperlinked tables of contents. Please feel free to focus on particular areas of interest and/or expertise and use these and the “back to top” link in the footer of each page to help you navigate.
  4. These standards were developed to mirror the Michigan K-12 Science Standards (MSS) in their three-dimensional aspect. They have been developed using three facets critical to science teacher education. If you would like more background about the Facets, please see Appendix A in either document. It is also our intention to provide a foundations boxes style view of the standards, which is still under development. You can see some examples of this in Appendix B. All of the content area questions have also been created with the intention of incorporating at least two of the dimensions from the MSS into each question.
  5. If you only have 30 minutes to review, please give one of the documents a quick skim focusing on the Standards. In the middle grades document these can be found on pages and in the high school document on pages . Then please complete the quick survey which asks you to answer the above questions with space for comments.
  6. If you can devote a longer amount of time, we invite you to make a copy of one or both of the documents and use suggestion mode and comments to submit your feedback. Depending on your time, interest and expertise feel free to do this for as much or little of the document as you like.

Please find links to the documents below:
Draft Science Standards Middle Grades
Draft Science Standards High School

We invite you to submit your feedback in one or both of the following ways:

  • Brief Review: Complete the McMahonD2 by July 27th.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise!

Darcy McMahon, M.A.
Higher Education Consultant, Educator Preparation Unit
Office of Educator Excellence
Michigan Department of Education
608 W. Allegan Street
Lansing, MI 48933
e: mcmahond2
o: 517-241-7096
c: 989-615-4372
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