Interactions & Carbon TIME PL Opportunities this summer

The NextGen Project-Based Learning (NGPBL) Initiative at MSU’s CREATE for STEM Institute would like to share information about virtual professional learning programs for science teachers. Programs support year-long research-based curricula; links here connect you to professional learning programs and dates:

Interactions: year-long physical science course for 9th grade

Carbon TIME: MS/HS life & earth science units with year-long support for Biology

We hope that you will share this information with colleagues, administrators, and teachers who may be interested in using MSU’s high quality instructional materials to support NGSS-aligned science classroom practice. We know that your voice and connections are important in our science education communities.

These professional learning programs have a per-teacher fee, and districts can use Title II, the new America Rescue Plan Act, or other educational funds to enroll teachers. Additionally, the Michigan Education Association (MEA) is sponsoring SCECHs for professional learning participants who are MEA members in good standing.

The professional learning registration link is now open, with registrations closing 1 week before each program start date. Additional information will be available through the NGPBL website ( and through CREATE for STEM’s social media.

Questions? Send them to me or to nextgenpbl

We send the very best wishes. Please be in touch with questions or ideas; we’re happy to hear from you.
Chris & the MSU NextGen-PBL team

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