MI Sci PLN – WOW!…That’s all I gotta say ’bout that.

“Teaching science at the elementary is an act of justice…We demand that children are learning science!” – Andrea Pisani, Unite STEM

Yes! She said it in her presentation of Great First 8. If you missed last weeks’ MI Sci PLN meeting, I’m sorry. It was AWE-SOME!

In our effort to figure out the best practices to help districts implement high-quality science instruction equitably, in all elementary schools throughout the state, we invited three leaders that have had great success in their regions and districts advancing this cause. Thank you to each of them for sharing their challenges and success in their elementary implementation stories. They were (are) wonderful!

· Kevin St. Onge, EUP MiSTEM Region Director

· Amy Quinn, K-12 Math & Science Coordinator, West Bloomfield Schools

· Colleen Stamm, K-12 Math/Science Coordinator, Farmington Public Schools

Their stories lead to some great group discussion and shared learning.

Following the panel discussion, Andrea Pisani, United STEM, shared the work of a team of researchers from around the country led by UM’s Nell Duke. They are developing Great First 8. It is an assets-based, all-day curriculum that centers equity and justice for 0-8-year-old children living and learning in metropolitan areas (website available in the fall, https://greatfirsteight.org/).

Again, the follow up discussion was excellent (and so was Andrea’s presentation)! To view a recording, click the link.

To find out what else you missed, see the full agenda here, 2021.06.07 MI Sci PLN Agenda

Oh, and here are the MI Sci PLN Updates, from our friends around the state.

Mark your calendars now for the 2021-22 MI Sci PLN meetings!

MI Sci PLN 2021-22 SAVE-the-DATES:

All meetings will be virtual and are scheduled from 9am-3pm

· October 29, 2021

· January 25, 2022

· March 16, 2022

· May 20, 2022 (Face-to-face w/ virtual option)

A few parting thoughts…

“As the format for school this fall continues to be hotly debated, we should not retreat from our commitment to science education. The launch of Sputnik in 1957 brought the need for a scientifically literate populace to the forefront of American consciousness. In the same way, we must consider this pandemic our generation’s calling to enliven science education, particularly in the early grade-levels.”

Jim Ryan and Janet Carlson from their Hechinger Report article,

Opinion: Distrust of science in the coronavirus era reminds us why we must boost elementary science education

“Our nation is facing one of the greatest public health crises in its history, and the world is confronting a climate crisis that generations to come will inherit. Students must be equipped to tackle these realities with a high-quality science education from the earliest grades. Let us leverage this extraordinary moment to catapult science to the core of the curriculum. It matters for our health, well-being and even our collective survival.”

– Jacqueline Barber, University of California, Berkeley.

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