MI Sci PLN: Hang out with the cool kids, June 7!

Yeah, that’s right, the MI Sci PLN planning team has done it again!!! They put together ANOTHER outstanding agenda for you and the rest of your science education consultant community!

To figure out the best way to help districts implement high-quality science instruction equitably, in all elementary schools throughout the state, the planning team invited panelists to share their elementary NGSS implementation stories. Each of the four panelists helped to create a vision for their district, and a team to enact it, and as a result, their schools are further along on this journey than most others. Learn how you can apply their lessons in your region.

Andrea Pisani will be with us too! She will share the UM team’s work on the Great First 8 assets-based, all-day curriculum that centers equity and justice for 0-8-year-old children living and learning in metropolitan areas.

What lessons will we learn to construct our collaborative argument for elementary science advocacy? Make sure your voice is part of the conversation. To have it heard, you need to be there!

If you wanna hang with the cool kids – we will see you at your house (via Zoom) on June 7th from 9am-3pm. Let us know you’re coming by registering here.

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