Finally! The high school science resources we’ve waited 6 years for!


Following the adoption of the Michigan Science Standards (NGSS), the Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership Network (MLSN) brought The Next Gen Science Exemplar System (NGSX) to the state.  It has become the foundational professional learning experience on which nearly 7,000 Michigan teachers learned the vision for instruction under the new standards.  A commonly heard refrain from NGSX participants goes something like this, “It was amazing!  I learned so much…Now, where do I get materials to support this vision for instruction in my classroom?

Following the completion of the NGSS-Design Badge awarded middle school science materials, the high school resources we’ve waited for are finally here!

OpenSciEd and its partner organization, the Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership Network (MMSLN), aim to build an equitable foundation for K12 science education by ensuring that all teachers have access to high-quality, research-based professional learning and resources designed for the NGSS. Extending their success at the middle school level, they are seeking teachers to take part in the field test of high school science resources. The completed resources will ensure students have access to all high school NGSS standards in three courses; Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, with the Earth science standards integrated throughout. Please see the HS OpenSciEd Scope and Sequence document to learn more. Design specifications for the three courses will ensure cohesiveness, consistency, and growth throughout students’ high school science experience.

The OpenSciEd High School Development Consortium, including; the University of Colorado Boulder, BSCS, the Charles A. Dana Center, and the NextGen Science Storylines Team at Northwestern University, are continuing the development process to ensure these materials are effective in the classroom. The MMSLN will support their work by leveraging the experience of its professional learning facilitators to prepare teachers to field test these materials in several states throughout the country, including Michigan. Professional learning for field test teachers will be virtual, and begin this summer, lasting for two school years.

Join the field test of the OpenSciEd High School resources.

We hope districts will commit for the entire project lasting from July 2021 through spring 2023.  The cost for 2021-22, which includes approximately 8 days of PL and kit materials, is $2200/teacher (without teacher stipends).  Possible sources of funding include, Title II, ESSER, and because MMSLN is an ACCOMPLISHED STEM education program on STEMWORKS, this professional learning program is eligible for state grant funds through MiSTEM.

I would love to talk more with you about this if you think there are schools/teachers in your region who would be interested. We have held successful information sessions too (video recording), let me know if you would like to schedule one.

Please feel free to reach out to Mary Starr with any additional questions,

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