MI Sci PLN Meeting in Review

It’s unanimous, last week’s MI Sci PLN meeting was fantastic!

Thank you to all of the great presenters!

The meeting began with a Council of State Science Supervisors (CSSS) Overview/Synopsis from Mary Starr, MMSLN ED. This included a link to a showcase of presentation videos on Equity, Justice, and Anti-Racism in Elementary Science and Engineering Panel Discussion from the National Academies.

One of the videos, Inclusion, Curriculum, and Anti-Racism by Felicia Moore Mensah, was selected to ground our elementary science advocacy efforts, followed by a deeper dive into elementary science data to respond to the question, “How we can we advocate for ALL elementary students to have equitable access to an amazing science education?”

Our collaborative efforts were followed by a presentation of research on Designing School Systems to Support NGSS, by a team from UM including, Don Peurach, Anna Foster, and Angela Lyle. Ideas were discussed for supporting our work in elementary science advocacy within districts throughout the state to respond to this question, “How can we get schools to support the transformation to NGSS in a systemic way?”

The meeting concluded with a presentation from MSU – CREATE for STEM’s Joe Krajcik and Sue Codere. They shared their long awaited ML-PBL elementary science research findings to respond to the common question, “Does teaching elementary science take necessary time from important things like, reading and social emotional learning? What if teachers are provided high quality resources and professional learning, would it make a difference?”

Check out the agenda, loaded with links, to all of the great presentations.

Here are the updates for all of the projects taking place throughout the state.

This is a video of the meeting and presentations.

Register to attend the last MI Sci PLN meeting this school year, Monday, June 7. We will continue our exploration of research and presentations to help us advocate as a community for equitable access to a high-quality science for all elementary students.

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