Establishing Instructional Routines: Upcoming IM Professional Learning

IM K-5 Math Establishing Instructional Routines
Have you heard? The IM K-5 Math Establishing Instructional Routines professional learning session just went live across the United States this past week! Teachers considered, “What is an instructional routine? Which routines are used in the curriculum? Why are they used in the curriculum?” as they experienced a few together.
As the initial feedback pours in, MMSLN is thrilled to be offer the session to Michigan educators this month!

“The energy the session creates with teachers is marvelous!”

If you haven’t already, register for this and the K-5 Pilot Curriculcum Overview to learn more about the IM curriculum.

IM K-5 Math

  • K-5 Establishing Instructional Routines, April 22
  • K-5 Pilot Curriculum Overview, April 28

And, if you’re feeling a little left out, don’t worry, we’ve got some amazing professional learning for 6-12 teachers, coaches, and administrators this month.

IM 6-12 Math

  • 6-12 Curriculum Overview for Teachers, April 12
  • 6-12 Establishing Instructional Routines, April 20
  • 6-12 Pilot Unit Overview, April 27

MMSLN is a proud member of the Professional Learning Partner Guide (PLPG). Find out more about the PLPG and why it matters.

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