Special Event Learning We Need: The Case for Rigorous Project-Based Learning

Here is the invitation to the George Lucas Educational Foundation, Edutopia, February 22 event, featuring Joe Krajcik, Deborah Peek-Brown and more. Please register if you would like to attend and forward along to anyone who may be interested. The more the merrier! You may also have seen the invitation on Edutopia’s twitter account.

Save the data for a special event hosted by Edutopia
George Lucas Educational Foundation
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Dear Edutopia Friend,

When I founded the George Lucas Educational Foundation thirty years ago, I wanted to help people create schools where students are fully engaged and gain knowledge, attitudes, and skills for success in careers and life. Now, we are taking another step to fulfill this mission.

I’m inviting you to a special event on Monday, February 22, at 7pm ET/4pm PT, hosted by Edutopia. It’s free and online. We will share important new research, real stories, and resources that support project-based learning.

Learning We Need: The Case for Rigorous Project-Based Learning will reveal how project-based learning can work for all students across grade levels and subject areas, within diverse settings—increasing student learning and improving equitable outcomes.

Please join us on February 22 to hear directly from students, teachers, and researchers who will share the culmination of years of gold-standard research and the impact and inspiration that young people experience with project-based learning. After such a challenging year, I can’t think of a better time to share good news.


George Lucas, Chairman
George Lucas Educational Foundation
Publisher of Edutopia

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