IM Math Professional Learning brought to you by MMSLN: Spring and Summer, 2021

The Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership Network (MMSLN) has released the IM Math PL schedule for spring and summer 2021. As an Illustrative Mathematics certified PL Service Provider, MMSLN offers the support math teachers, coaches, and their instructional leaders need to get ready for teaching and learning with IM Math curricula. We offer a suite of learning experiences designed to take educators on a deep-dive of the curriculum to explore problem-based learning and how they can implement it in their classrooms. Educators experience IM Math lessons, practice and rehearse key routines, explore various embedded supports for students with disabilities and English language learners, understand assessment materials and begin to use student thinking as a vehicle for productive planning.

Mathematics Educators can select from our PL calendar to craft a comprehensive learning experience for spring and summer. You may do so on your own, or with help from the MMSLN IM PL Coordinator, Danielle Seabold (seaboldd). Check out what we have to offer! And, did you know? MMSLN Professional or Organizational members get a 20% discount on all IM PL registrations. Become a member today if you’re not already. Also, take advantage of Early Bird pricing good through April 1, 2021 which provides a 20% discount.





Start with this introductory PL for IM Math and then continue your learning throughout the school year with monthly Unit Overviews (6-12) and quarterly Learning Modules (K-5). Dates TBD but please stay tuned at

For a listing of all the MMSLN PL events, please visit the MMSLN Events page on Eventbrite.

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