BSCS Science Learning is seeking field trial teachers for HS COVID-19 unit

BSCS Science Learning is seeking teachers to participate in a field trial of an instructional unit for high school on COVID-19. The field trial is to be conducted between October 15 and December 15, 2020. The information gathered in the field trial will be used to revise the unit for publication.

About the unit.The unit focuses on the question How can we slow the spread of the COVID-19

virus to protect our communities? It is designed to teach students about the COVID-19

pandemic, transmission of the COVID-19 virus, and the impacts of the pandemic on communities.

The unit targets three broad learning goals:

Factors that determine the rate of infection and severity of illness in communities,

Strategies to reduce transmission of the virus,

Reasons for disproportionate impacts on certain populations.

It is also designed to support the development of two social emotional competencies—self awareness and social awareness. The unit employs an inquiry-based approach, and is designed for 15 class periods of instruction, with optional extensions. It is appropriate for use in high school science, social studies, and health classes. More information is available at:

About the field trial. BSCS Science Learning, the developer of the unit, is conducting a field trial to gather information from teachers and students that will guide the revision of the unit for final release. The trial will be conducted from October through December 2020. Teachers who participate in the field trial will complete surveys that request feedback about individual lessons and the unit as a whole. They will also report on the experiences of their students. Where approval can be obtained to collect information from students, participating teachers will distribute surveys to students and submit copies of student work. All of this data will be analyzed by educational researchers to inform decisions about how to revise the unit. Teachers who participate in the field trial will be paid a stipend to compensate them for their participation in the data collection.

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