Support for Using the Illustrative Mathematics Video Lessons: Learning Goal and Target Alignment Guide

In an effort to support continuous learning for all students during the summer months, the Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership Network (MMSLN) and Public Media Network have partnered to televise high-quality math instruction on a regular schedule beginning August 10, 2020.

A collaboration between state agencies and large districts within Louisiana, along with Illustrative Mathematics, SchoolKit, and philanthropy organizations has led to the development of broadcastable math lessons targeting grades 6, 7, 8 and Algebra I. There are 24 lessons for each grade level. The broadcasts, aligned to state learning standards, will help students build the skills and knowledge they need at each grade level.

Please stay-tuned to Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership Network to learn when these video lessons will air on your local PBS station. Visit us at our website and follow our MMSLN Network News.

Teachers may use the newly developed Learning Goal and Target Alignment Guide to select video lessons to use with their students as they teach and learn mathematics together. Teachers don’t have to be an IM 6-12 Math curriculum implementer to use these videos with students. And, these video lessons are available, by episode on the Schoolkit website. Find the episode number in the first column of each table.

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