Upcoming Math Chat: Using the Illustrative Mathematics Video Lessons

Join MMSLN to chat about the Illustrative Mathematics Video Lessons being broadcast across Michigan and the nation.

Did you hear? Mathematics Video Lessons are being broadcast across Michigan starting August 10, 2020. Although these lessons were developed from the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum for Middle School and Algebra 1, there may be ways to use them to support families and students who do not experience IM Math in their schools.

Join us to learn more about the lessons, how they were selected, and let’s work together to think about how we may use them in our communities.

Learn more and register to attend.

Public Media Network Announces Partnership with Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership Network

[KALAMAZOO, August 10, 2020]—




Instructional Math Videos Aligned to Top Curriculum to Begin Broadcast August 10, 2020

KALAMAZOO, Mi. — In an effort to support continuous learning for all students during the summer months, the Michigan Mathematics and Science Leadership Network (MMSLN) and Public Media Network today announced they are partnering to televise high-quality math instruction on a regular schedule beginning August 10th.

A collaboration between state agencies and large districts within Louisiana, along with Illustrative Mathematics, SchoolKit, and philanthropy organizations has led to the development of broadcastable math lessons aligned to a nationally recognized high quality math curriculum, Illustrative Mathematics. Lessons targeting grades 6, 7, 8 and Algebra I are available; 24 lessons for each grade level. The broadcasts, aligned to state learning standards, will help students build the skills and knowledge they need at each grade level.

“Nearly all students in Michigan have access to television”, said Mary Starr, Executive Director of MMSLN, “These mathematics video lessons are focused on the essential learning ideas in mathematics for middle school and Algebra 1. As these videos become part of the Public Media Network broadcast offerings, nearly all Michigan students will be able to access these excellent Illustrative Mathematics learning options.”

“Public Media Network has an important obligation to be a trusted resource in our various communities”, said Matt Schuster, Executive Director of PMN, “In addition to providing a vehicle for local voices and local content, PMN can bring resources to our friends and neighbors that might otherwise not find an outlet among the commercial broadcasters in the area.”

Illustrative Mathematics and SchoolKit have developed videos for 96 episodes – 24 episodes each for students in grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 (Algebra 1).

The broadcast schedule will be Monday – Friday on PMN Discover, starting Monday, August 10, 2020. More lessons are currently being added and the schedule will update accordingly.

2:00pm – Grade 6

2:30pm – Grade 7

3:00pm – Grade 8

3:30pm – Algebra

Discover is available on Charter 191, AT&T Uverse 99, publicmedianet.org, and through the Public Media Network app on Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Following the summer initiative, the episodes will continue to be utilized to help families engage students at home and/or to provide additional support to struggling students.

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