Join MMSLN for the next Illustrative Mathematics (IM) 6-12 Virtual Academy

Are you gearing up to Teach & Learn with the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum this fall? Whether you’ll be with your students in person or engaging them in learning at a distance, join us to learn about this curriculum and how it supports educators in building a world where all learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics.

August 26 and 27, 2020
Throughout the two days, teachers, coaches, and administrators will come to understand:

  • the structure of a lesson and the purpose of each component
  • where to find teacher and student resources in the curriculum
  • the purposes of different curriculum assessments and where to find opportunities for assessment
  • how instructional supports and extensions are used throughout the curriculum
  • the purpose of math content routines
  • a framework for productive discussion and how the framework supports teachers in their planning
  • the purpose of math language routines and how the routines support mathematical language development
  • a process for planning to teach a lesson in Unit 1and how the activities in a lesson are connected to the learning goal
  • the importance of norms in a problem-based classroom and considerations for establishing norms in the classroom


[Read more and register to attend]

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