Announcing 3 online, self-paced equity literacy opportunities

The Equity Learning Institute, the virtual learning portal of the Equity Literacy Institute, is excited to offer three new, self-paced mini-courses in Equity Literacy. The first two are FREE.

Course 1: Understanding Equity and Inequity
What the heck is equity? In this 90-minute course hosted by Paul Gorski, we answer that. We explore common definitions and offer one of our own based on our transformative equity approach. We also discuss the good and bad of common equity approaches.

Course 2: Learning to Be a Threat to Inequity: An Introduction to the Equity Literacy Framework (2 hours)
In this approximately 2-hour mini-course led by Paul Gorski, you will learn about the primary aspects of the equity literacy framework, including the dimensions, abilities, and principles of equity literacy.

Course 3 ($4.99): Ditching Deficit Ideology: The First Step Toward Cultivating an Equity Commitment
Equity cannot live where deficit ideology lives. In this mini-course (1.5-2 hours), we explore what deficit ideology is, how it thwarts equity efforts, and how to cultivate a more equitable way of interpreting educational disparities.

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