Introducing…Michigan Advancing Equity in STEM

On January 24, 2019, over 60 of Michigan’s Math and Science Education leaders got together to engage in the first of four days of Professional Learning in Michigan Advancing Equity in STEM (MAE-STEM). Math and Science Education leaders attended as part of a regional team to explore the equity literacy framework—a framework for strengthening literacy around equity—and reflected on teaching, leading, coaching, and other practices, policies, and initiatives. The transformative equity framework was built to help educators recognize and respond to even the subtlest forms of race, class, gender, (dis)ability, and other forms of inequity in schools, and Math and Science classrooms and systems in particular. The day of learning was facilitated by Paul Gorski from the Equity Literacy Institute. Throughout February, regional teams plan to meet to extend and apply all that they learned into their sphere of influence, locally.

On March 14, 2019, teams will engage in the second day of collaborative learning to dive further into identifying and responding to systemic inequities and challenges for students AND providing and sustaining equitable opportunities for students. Day 2 will be facilitated by Emily Affolter, Senior Research Scientist & Equity Consultant for the University of Washington’s Center for Evaluation and Research for STEM Equity (CERSE).

January 24th Quotable Quotes
“I think we do a lot of things with good intentions that are actually harmful. Today’s session challenged my idea of what those good things are.”
“Today’s session revealed just how embedded and/or implicit biases can be. The unintentional result of individuals operating within a system that perpetuates inequity was eye-opening.”
“It really challenged my response to inequity. I feel that I need to work on being more vocal for marginalized people groups and being even more of an advocate for people that have a limited voice.”

Michigan Advancing Equity in STEM (MAE-STEM) is coordinated and offered by the Michigan Math and Science Leadership Network.

Danielle Seabold

Mathematics Education Consultant and Instructional Coach

Bold Educational Consulting LLC


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