MSTA Conference Registration & MMSLN Strand

Register for the 66th Annual MSTA Conference in Grand Rapids!

While you’re there, be sure to check out the MMSLN presentation strand.

Friday, March 1


Getting Students to Argue – Encouraging Discussion for All StudentsRichard Bacolor


"Talking" ScienceAshley Chiado • Lyndsay Mahar • Katie Stevenson


Thinking Three-dimensionally about Science Trade booksKatherine Pfeiffer • Mary Starr


Talking Science – sharing ideas with your media specialistKatherine Pfeiffer • Mary Starr


Grand Slam 3-D Assessment—Researchers, Developers, and Practitioners to Build Capacity, Develop Items, and Implement StrategicallyTJ Smolek • Mary Starr


Engaging with Administrators – Starting conversations about supporting scienceSandra Brock


Developing a plan for Michigan Science Standard Implementation – K-6!Cassandra Martin

Saturday, March 2


The power of the NGSX experience in my classroomWayne Wright


The power of the NGSX experience in my classroomHolly Hereau


Making Your NGSx Workshop Pop!Michael Gallagher

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